Women in Tech- Combatting a lack of diversity in coding

A Software Engineers’ journey into coding… It’s well known that diversity in tech can withhold some shocking statistics. But did you know that white workers make up 84% of the UK tech workforce? This lack of diversity can reduce opportunities for inclusion and inspiration within the world of tech. We’ll be hearing from this week’s […]

7 Ways To Make Data More Sustainable

Will data ever be truly sustainable? In response to Wired.co.uk’s recent article: Can Consumer Tech Ever Really Be Sustainable? Slingshot’s team and community look at whether the data that comes from consumer tech could be sustainable, talking sustainable tech design and the move towards eradicating dark data… Wired highlighted that the world is producing 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste per year […]

Women In Tech – A year of running a tech company’s communications

Working as Digital Marketing Lead in a software company… Technology is becoming omnipresent, branching out into every profession. Supermarkets are peppered with self-scan checkouts; warehouses require robots and automation, and any businesses without websites are anomalies. Jobs in digital tech are vastly in demand, they’re the second most advertised for profession in the UK. Plus, […]

Dark Data – what is it… and should we be scared?

What is Dark Data? Dark Data is the data, held by organisations and individuals, which is not used to derive insights or lead decision making.  Gartner defines this in a similar way, “information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes”.  An everyday example of this, on […]

Our Sustainable Digital Twin Event

Slingshot Simulations hosted the Digital Twin Consortium for a Sustainable Digital Twin Event Information Day. This event brought together international industry heavyweights with technical pioneers and the Digital Twin Consortium.  The focus: Sustainable Digital Twins. Here at Slingshot, we define a Sustainable Digital Twin as a twin which “integrates and analyses data, simulates outcomes, and […]

Our Intern’s City Traffic Simulator

When we invited intern Louis Gilder into the office for a 3-month internship programme, we didn’t expect the pure scale of his findings. Just about to start his Masters in Computer Science, Louis provided an engaging insight, building road network models and Leeds City Digital Twins. His simulation focused on Leeds Digital Festival, predicting the […]

Leeds tech start-up is founding member of Responsible Computing organisation

Slingshot Simulations, a Leeds-based tech pioneer of Digital Twin Technology, is one of the first organisations to join the Responsible Computing initiative – a consortium designed to innovate technology for sustainable development in infrastructure, code, and social impact. Dell Technologies and the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) were the first primary members of Responsible Computing, […]

UK tech start-up hosts global industry leaders at first-of-a-kind Digital Twin Consortium

From September 27-29, 2022, Slingshot Simulations, a decision intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) Leeds, UK-based tech start-up is hosting the first ever Digital Twin Consortium meeting to be held outside of the United States. The Digital Twin Consortium is the global authority in ‘Digital Twin Technology’- synchronised virtual representations of real-world entities and processes. The consortium drives […]

Women in Tech- A creative twist to a technical profession

Infiltrating the tech industry as a creative… Gender inclusivity is of vital importance to us, as is having a diversely skilled workforce. As a team, we’re expert in a wide range of degree specialisms: Environmental Science, Journalism, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Art and Design and many more. Technology is integrating into all fields and subjects, with emerging […]