Women in Tech- Combatting a lack of diversity in coding

A Software Engineers’ journey into coding…

It’s well known that diversity in tech can withhold some shocking statistics. But did you know that white workers make up 84% of the UK tech workforce?

This lack of diversity can reduce opportunities for inclusion and inspiration within the world of tech.

We’ll be hearing from this week’s Woman In Tech Fatima, as she reflects on the barriers which made her career as a Software Engineer less accessible, and how she overcame them.

Introducing our Woman In Tech – Fatima

Fatima has spent over 2 years working as a Software Engineer at Slingshot.

She graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences and has an array of computer-based skills, ranging from analytical, problem solving, data science, full-stack development and intuitive UI design.

Fatima also represents Slingshot at the Royal Academy of Engineering events, presenting her experiences to underrepresented and disadvantaged students and graduates.

Fatima represents Slingshot at Graduate Engineering Programme events for underrepresented and disadvantaged students.

Could you explain your role within Slingshot?

As a Frontend Developer I spend my time writing code, working with others on the look and functionality of the platform.

How and why did you get into coding?

Went to the KPMG future fair that gave me a insight into the digital world, and I was very fascinated by it all and what could be, in the future. So after my degree ended I decided to learn coding, which I very much enjoyed.

Were there any barriers which made it more difficult to begin a career in tech?

The uncertainty of what getting into something completely different from my degree could turn into. I come from quite a traditional family. Going into something like tech was quite foreign, so there wasn’t much support, due to the fear of it not working out. I was advised to go for something safer, like nursing. As a black woman, I was told there was the issue of experiencing racism if I go for a less diverse role and that I shouldn’t care much about career since I am a woman and that’s not my role.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The amount of problem solving it comes with and how it’s all a learning curve

Do you have any advice for young people wanting to branch out into the tech industry?

Go for it! Don’t doubt yourself, it is always best to try something, than spend your time asking yourself what it could have been. Today we have so many opportunities and resources, so many options, Don’t feel like you are limited by your educational background or any other demographic factor. Although the journey, due to those factors, could be harder; doesn’t mean you are not able to reach the destination. The world is your oyster.