UK tech start-up hosts global industry leaders at first-of-a-kind Digital Twin Consortium

From September 27-29, 2022, Slingshot Simulations, a decision intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) Leeds, UK-based tech start-up is hosting the first ever Digital Twin Consortium meeting to be held outside of the United States.

The Digital Twin Consortium is the global authority in ‘Digital Twin Technology’- synchronised virtual representations of real-world entities and processes. The consortium drives awareness of Digital Twins through industry, academia and government expertise.

International experts at global tech corporations, including representatives from Ansys, Autodesk, Dell Technologies, GE Digital, Johnson Controls, Lendlease, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, and others will join Slingshot Simulations in Leeds to continue to advance the state of the art.

The event agenda includes presentations from Dan Isaacs (CTO, Digital Twin Consortium), Said Tabet (Chief Architect Dell Technologies) and Ron Zahavi (Chief Strategist for IoT Standards, Microsoft Azure IoT and Executive Direction DTC).

David McKee, Slingshot Simulations Founder, CEO and CTO said, “this is a first of a kind event outside of the US and, as the UK Regional Branch Organizer, we are incredibly proud to showcase to the world, through the Digital Twin Consortium, the amazing work going on and the talent available not just in the Leeds region but the UK and Europe as a whole”.

As part of the event and in collaboration with the DTC, the University of Leeds and Nexus,  Slingshot Simulations will showcase how digital twin technology can be applied to sustainability focused outcomes in a Sustainable Digital Twin Open Day which interested professionals can register to attend for free.

Topics covered will include environmental applications of Sustainable Digital Twins, such as urban net zero planning and leveraging carbon responsible computing approaches with presentations, panel discussions and networking.

Dan Isaacs, CTO of the Digital Twin Consortium said “This is a great opportunity for the Digital Twin Consortium to showcase its work and that of the hundreds of its industry members to a broader international audience and we are pleased to be working with our UK regional branch office, Slingshot Simulations, the University of Leeds and Nexus to help us achieve this in what promises to be an incredibly impactful event that will also highlight the topic of sustainability – an issue on the board level agenda at most organisations today“.

On the topic of sustainability, David added “Slingshot Simulations is a purpose driven organisation focused on applying the power of data science, analytics, machine learning, simulation and digital twins to some of the biggest challenges we face today. That’s why the third day of the event is focused on the application of digital twins to sustainable outcomes and we encourage anyone with an interest in this topic to join us in Leeds on September 29th or contact us directly to learn more”

The event, will take place from 27-29 September, with the open-to-the-public  Sustainable Digital Twin Open Day occurring on September 29th.

Join the global industry leaders at the Sustainable Digital Twin Open Day and register here: Sustainable Digital Twin Information Day in Leeds – Slingshot Simulations

If you cannot make it to Leeds but are interested to learn more, contact Slingshot Simulations here: Contact Us – Slingshot Simulations

For media enquiries or to request a press invite to the event, please contact

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