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With Compass: Engine™

Compass: Engine is a place-based decision intelligence solution for the rapid sifting and prioritisation of complex policy interventions at scale. With Compass: Engine, explore new options, make better decisions and get holistic system level insights up to 80% faster. Make the complex understandable.

Core Capabilities Include:

Connecting Disconnected Data

Compass: Engine is prepopulated with the energy, land and building use and mobility data you need and flexible to integrate your own data.

Integrating Siloed Analytics

Compass: Engine links place-based models and simulations for carbon conversion, traffic simulation, flood scenarios and more.

Rapid Sifting at Scale

Compass: Engine uses advanced data science, cloud computing, AI/ML, graph technology and digital twins for rapid, large scale sifting of policy interventions.

Compass: Engine™ In Action

Accelerating North Northamptonshire's Journey to Net Zero

Read the case study to learn how Compass: Engine™ helped decision makers rapidly sift energy, building and mobility policy interventions to accelerate their journey to net zero


Decarbonising Local Transport
with the Department
for Transport

Read the case study to learn how Compass: Engine™ was used to predict the unintended consequences of urban low emission zone transport policy changes on low EPC neighbourhoods.

Shaping the Future with the Transport Research and Innovation Board

 Compass: Engine™ has been selected as a technology use case in the TRIB Digital Twin Roadmap 2035.

Just Housing Regeneration Strategies

Compass: Engine™ is being used by multiple local authorities to determine the combined impact of housing stock regeneration on carbon reduction, fuel poverty and indices of deprivation.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Roads

Combining traffic simulation with emissions, air quality and building EPC data, Compass: Engine™ is enabling a more holistic, system level view of the combined carbon reduction, health and unintended mobility consequences of low traffic neighbourhoods and school pick up and drop off road closures.​

Climate Resilience

By integrating flooding data and simulation with traffic simulation, Compass: Engine™ is enabling climate resilience planners to develop better strategies and interventions before unprecedented flooding situations occur.

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