About Compass: Engine™

Compass: Engine™ is a decision intelligence software-as-a-service solution.

By automatically linking and contextualising data and integrating models and simulations at scale in the cloud it unleashes the power of advanced data science, AI/ML and digital twins to deliver holistic place-based insights up to 80% faster.

How Compass: Engine™ Works

Compass: Engine™ uses a unique implementation of graph-technology developed from over a decade of research and development. This enables:

Pre-populated Data

Compass: Engine™ is prepopulated with the regional data sets you need, including:

  • Indices of multiple deprivations (IMD)
  • Census
  • Land and building use
  • EPC ratings
  • EV charging locations
  • Road networks
  • And more…

Easily import and export your own custom data sets and seamlessly integrate with Esri geospatial files.

Models and Simulations

Test, optimise and strategise intervention scenarios with Compass: Engine™’s in-built model and simulation capabilities. Access carbon conversion factors for hundreds of policy intervention options, test different fleet mix and modality scenarios on emissions and noise output per road with mobility and traffic simulations and examine the impact of extreme climate events with environmental simulations.

View intervention zone specifications directly on a map for LEZ, pedestrianisation, flood zones and more. For specific insights, you can configure unique models and simulations. 

Rapid Sifting

Configure multiple scenarios and compare the relative impact of each intervention on a region. Engage key stakeholders with core findings in charts, graphs and maps and export data for continued analysis. 

Build bespoke charts and graphs in a customisable, dynamic interface.

Key Features

Connected Data

Compass: Engine™ is prepopulated with hundreds of place-based data sets to inform policy decision making. These span geospatial, energy, building and land use, mobility, environmental and economic data. The product is flexible to accommodate a user’s own data and offers direct integration with Esri.

Integrated Analytics, Models and Simulations

Compass: Engine™ connects traditionally siloed modelling and simulations to deliver an holistic, system level perspective on “what-if” policy interventions. These include carbon conversion factors, flooding and mobility simulators. Easily predict the directional impact of resident behaviour changes, climate events and mobility interventions such as low emissions zones, low traffic neighbourhoods, road closures and pedestrianisation. User specific models and simulations can also be configured in the product.

Rapid Sifting at Scale

Using advanced data science and the power of cloud computing, users can rapidly explore the impact of policy intervention combinations at massive scale, quickly converging on a short list for more detailed exploration and consultation. A wide range of data and graphical output options facilitate communication with different stakeholders, making the complex understandable.

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