Women In Tech – A year of running a tech company’s communications

Working as Digital Marketing Lead in a software company…

Technology is becoming omnipresent, branching out into every profession.

Supermarkets are peppered with self-scan checkouts; warehouses require robots and automation, and any businesses without websites are anomalies.

Jobs in digital tech are vastly in demand, they’re the second most advertised for profession in the UK. Plus, tech employs more than a fifth of the city workforce.

one fifth of employees in the city work in tech

Perhaps soon, everyone will be working in a digital or tech-related profession.

So, how can we integrate into this increasing world of digital and tech?

Introducing our Woman In Tech – Megan

Megan has spent over a year running the communications at Slingshot. In this article, we’ll be finding out what this incorporates, how to learn more about the tech industry without becoming overwhelmed, and what it’s like to work around those in technical professions.

Could you explain your role within Slingshot?

Running the communications at Slingshot involves writing: blog content, newsletters, press releases, eBooks, web copy, tutorial scripts and technical articles. 

As well as this, I handle all social media content, develop webpages, optimise SEO, produce voiceovers, run events, and much more really. This all keeps me pretty busy! 

What is your professional background?

I studied Journalism at university, which led to me building up experience in radio, documentary, and written-form articles. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a documentary at Channel 4, present live news bulletins on Greatest Hits Radio and write for some awesome music journalism publications. 

Moving into marketing was a natural transition as I was so used to researching, presenting, and writing content. At Slingshot, I feel really well-placed for creating explainer content, especially as a newbie in the deep-tech world. 

WILD event
Women In Leeds Digital Event.

What helped your personal transition into tech-oriented marketing?

Leeds is a fantastic tech hub full of digital, creative and media businesses. The trick is networking with them! There are various reoccurring events I’ve attended which have helped me expand my marketing horizons.  

I really enjoy attending Leeds Digital Festival – this encompasses free pop-up events across the city, each run by digital organisations, and occurs biannually.  

I’d also definitely recommend WILD (Women In Leeds Digital) events, which are great opportunities to be part of the digital community. Their networking events really opened my eyes to the different layers of women working in (and around!) tech.  

Plus, having the opportunity to travel abroad to take Slingshot’s tech to Barcelona’s Internet of Things event with the team definitely allowed me to branch out and learn more too. 

internet of things barcelona
Barcelona’s Internet of Things World Congress. Slingshot’s stand in the Digital Twin Consortium pavilleion.

What inspires you within your role?

I’ve found the team of developers here at Slingshot to be so inspiring as they are exceptional at what they do! Not only do they conquer technical problems and fix site bugs daily, they also always remain patient and approachable answering my technical questions and queries.  

Plus, meeting the individuals behind ‘tech-giant’ companies like Microsoft, Dell and IBM allowed me to appreciate the passion that goes into the tech industry. The Digital Twin Consortium’s member meeting, which we hosted at Slingshot in September, really highlighted this for me. 

What advice would you give to someone entering a digital or tech related career?

The main thing I would say, is surround yourself with intelligent people. Interact with, and chat to, everyone! For example, our 3D/XR Designer at Slingshot, Anna, is always exposing me to exciting new tech concepts. Viewing her virtual reality design of Leeds City centre in 2030 was my first ever time trying a VR headset! 

Secondly, don’t let yourself feel not smart enough. Working in tech is difficult and everyone’s ‘tech journey’ is different; even though I’m not a coder or platform developer, I can still see the value in the technical articles I write and the digital content I create. 

A Collection of Tech Blogs Written by Megan