Women In Tech – A year of running a tech company’s communications

Working as Digital Marketing Lead in a software company… Technology is becoming omnipresent, branching out into every profession. Supermarkets are peppered with self-scan checkouts; warehouses require robots and automation, and any businesses without websites are anomalies. Jobs in digital tech are vastly in demand, they’re the second most advertised for profession in the UK. Plus, […]

Can Digital Twins Sustainably Save Money? Yes it can

The Challenge The World Health Organisation discovered that 3 million deaths a year are caused by air pollution and is recognised as a contributing factor in the onset of Heart Disease and Cancer. With city councils declaring climate emergencies it became evident that a rapid response was needed. Back in March we embarked on a […]

Understanding: AI & Simulation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Simulation are two very familiar terms in the Tech world – but how do the pair partner up? Stuart Sherman, CEO of AI company Scaled Insights and a well-known keynote speaker on topics related to AI, sat down with our CEO/CTO David McKee to discuss the differences between simulation and AI […]

Slingshot Joins Microsoft for Startups

We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted onto the Microsoft for Startups: An initiative designed to bring start-up software to an enterprise level of quality. It is a great privilege to be accepted onto the Microsoft for Startups programme. Through this partnership with Microsoft we hope to build upon our seed investment […]

Data Insights, Digital Twins and Dashboarding

Last Week We looked at the role of Digital Twins in the workplace and how during COVID-19 they could be used to help us return to work quickly and safely. This Week We look at a particlar aspect of Digital Twins, being Business Intelligence and Dashboarding. We talk to the CEO of one of the […]

Our 100 Days in Lock down: CEO Reflects

On March 17th Slingshot Simulations went into lock down with the rest of the UK. 100 days on, CEO/CTO David McKee reflects on 100 of the busiest days in the life of Slingshot Simulations. What would you say have been the biggest challenges with remote working? Ensuring Health and Well being of the Team Particularly […]

End of Open Plan Offices? Smart Solutions for a Safer Office

Last Week We reviewed Digital Twins through the lens of Venture Capitalists. From a review of the technological landscape, we discussed how emerging digital solutions can help towards the current coronavirus crisis through the ability to model various scenarios. This Week We look in more depth at how digital solutions could alter the process of […]

Slingshot Simulations Win Government Funding for COVID-19 Project

Slingshot’s Breathing Cities: A Living Model for People and Place project has received government funding as part of Innovate UK’s (the UK’s innovation agency) £40 million Business-led innovation in response to global disruption competition. Slingshot is one of only 9% of applicants who were awarded funding out of a total of 8,600 applicants. This project […]

Investing in Digital Twins: A Living Model for Storytelling and Play

Last Week We have been looking at Digital Twins from many perspectives so far: Technical, Theoretical, Conceptual and Practical. But how do all these discussed technologies weigh up from a Venture Capitalist perspective? This Week We look at Digital Twins from an investment perspective: Is it worth the hype it generates? What potential do technology […]