Women in Tech- A creative twist to a technical profession

Infiltrating the tech industry as a creative… Gender inclusivity is of vital importance to us, as is having a diversely skilled workforce. As a team, we’re expert in a wide range of degree specialisms: Environmental Science, Journalism, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Art and Design and many more. Technology is integrating into all fields and subjects, with emerging […]

Sustainable Digital Twins- how to create environmental simulations?

What are Sustainable Digital Twins? A Slingshot imagining of what Sustainable Digital Twins mean to us… At Slingshot Simulations, we define a digital twin as a simulated portrayal of an authentic entity. We align with the Digital Twin Consortium’s definition as a virtual representation of real-world entities or processes. Furthermore, (as uncovered further in our digital […]

How is the industrial Internet of Things helping to digitalise and optimise business performance?

Businesses in manufacturing and distribution are becoming more efficient and adaptable than ever before thanks to the rise of remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and digital twins. Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being used to collect key performance data, which manufacturers are then using to guide strategic business decisions and improve operational efficiency. The […]

Why is data integration key to digital transformation?

In today’s increasingly data-driven world, digital transformation is a necessity. And businesses that are unlocking intelligence from their data stand a better chance of keeping pace with the rapidly changing digital landscape than their competitors. The key to successful digital transformation for any business is to optimise the way in which it interacts with its […]

Making your digital twin secure

As we know, there are numerous advantages of digital twins. They are widely known, a digital representation of a real-world system or process can help your organisation to reduce costs, anticipate problems, provide solutions, and create business value. However, regardless of the scale of your digital twin and the system to which it is connected, […]