Making your digital twin secure

As we know, there are numerous advantages of digital twins. They are widely known, a digital representation of a real-world system or process can help your organisation to reduce costs, anticipate problems, provide solutions, and create business value.

However, regardless of the scale of your digital twin and the system to which it is connected, security has to be of paramount importance.

Building and Developing a Secure and Privacy-Conscious Digital Twin

As previously covered, there are four fundamentals that you and your provider need to consider in order to build and develop a secure and privacy-conscious digital twin:

  1. A careful strategy of data security and cybersecurity that encompasses authentication, encrypted communication, authorisation, and data auditing.
  2. A level of maintenance delivered by your digital twin provider that ensures outputs are reliable and can be used to inform business decisions while avoiding faults, failures, and errors.
  3. An information privacy strategy that encompasses methods such as masking, redaction, differential privacy, encryption, and lifecycle management to ensure your data adheres to relevant privacy laws, such as GDPR.
  4. A safety policy that ensures the protection of the physical server that stores your digital twin.

By creating a digital twin, you are, in effect, replicating your system’s various processes in software and transferring that data over the cloud.

In order to make your digital twin secure and private, security efforts must be expanded to hardware and software protection – and to the encryption of the information that is transferred between the two. A more comprehensive approach to data security is also required to ensure privacy from the outset.

“The good news is, there are lots of tools and technologies available to help ensure the security and privacy of your data. The most difficult decision you might have to make is which you choose – a complete stack suite or a mix of customised solutions.”

We Can Help to Make Your Digital Twin Secure

Before you can leverage digital twin technology to drive competitive advantage for your organisation, you need to ensure that your systems, business assets, and data are properly protected.

At Slingshot Simulations, security is at the core of everything we do. We can partner with you to build and deploy a secure and privacy-conscious digital twin that promises to deliver innumerable benefits for your organisation. Speak to one of our experts today!