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From data to intelligence- why knowledge graphs are the critical enabler of better and faster decision making in business

Knowledge Graph representation

Knowledge graphs, also known as a semantic networks, are an important and highly practical technology used by businesses to drive intelligence into data. Knowledge graphs help to resolve a wide range of today’s data-related business challenges, such as data silos, and unstructured data management, by illustrating relationships between data and entities in an accessible format. […]

Fast data: exploring the benefits of automated and real-time analytics

bar graph imagery on a screen

In order to compete in an increasingly data-rich landscape, businesses are investing significantly in automated and real-time data analytics. By retiring time-consuming and error-prone manual data processing methods, analytic process automation is enabling enterprises to achieve and maintain data management scalability. Real-time analytics tools are then providing businesses in fast-moving industries with a further competitive […]

Making your digital twin secure

Digital Twin Secure

As we know, there are numerous advantages of digital twins. They are widely known, a digital representation of a real-world system or process can help your organisation to reduce costs, anticipate problems, provide solutions, and create business value. However, regardless of the scale of your digital twin and the system to which it is connected, […]

How AR/VR and Digital Twins Will Be Key to Bringing the Enterprise Metaverse to Life

VR Pexels

Everyone’s talking about the metaverse – a future in which our physical and digital worlds merge, in fully immersive virtual reality. Many have not yet crossed over into the world of virtual reality (VR), its sister tech, augmented reality (AR), or taken a virtual step in the metaverse, but that may soon change. Organisations around […]

Data strategy trends that will emerge in 2022

Data Strategy Trends

For organisations around the world, data is at the heart of business, and effective data governance is top-priority. For many years, this simply meant collecting, storing, and occasionally accessing data but rapid digitisation is rendering these frameworks obsolete. The total volume of data collected worldwide is increasing rapidly—and as COVID-19 continues to cause disruption to […]

Bridging the time and intelligence chasm

Data Overload

How technology can transform dark data into actionable insights It was British mathematician and consumer insights guru Clive Humby who coined the phrase ‘data is the new oil’. Since he first uttered those prophetic words back in 2006, data has become one of the most valuable commodities available to businesses worldwide. So much so that […]