Digital Thread and the Digital Twin

Where does the digital thread start within the digital twin? Our CEO David joins John Turner from Gafcon, Inc. for a Digital Twin Consortium point counter-point debate:

As part of the Digital Twin Consortium’s Point Counterpoint video series, Slingshot’s CEO, CTO & Founder Dr David McKee goes head to head with John Tuner, VP of Innovative Solutions at Gafcon to discuss at what point does the digital thread start within the digital twin?

What are digital threads and digital twins?

Computer software company PTC aply describes a digital thread as threads that seek to create homogeneity and simple universal access to data. They follow a single set of data as it weaves in and out of business processes and functions to create continuity and accessibility.

At Slingshot we have talked about digital twins many times and our own definition defines a digital twin as digital environment that reflects on, mirrors and evolves ahead of the physical environment or service to facilitate SMART decision making and storytelling of possible futures. The Digital Twin Consortium has also published their definition which can be found here.