Slingshot CEO leads on Open Source Initiative

Our CEO David is leading on the Digital Twin Consortium‘s Open Source Collaboration designed to demystify building digital twins.

Projects will be formed around contributions from members and non-members to accelerate the adoption of digital-twin-enabling technology and techniques. Contributions may include open source code implementations, collaborative documents for guidance and training, open source models, or other assets that are of value to the Digital Twin community.

We asked David to summarise what he hopes this initiave will achieve:

Encourages Innovation

By making these technologies available, we look forward to seeing what the community comes up with.”

Accelerates Usage

With more of us working to solve day-to-day challenges we expect this to greatly increase awareness and therefore adoption of digital twins.”

Expands Collaboration

“This initiative will foster collaboration around digital twin technologies across all parts of the digital twin ecosystem. We hope to encourage collaboration on interopability between datasets, models and simulations, as well as a wide range of standards and technologies.”