Leeds-based simulation start-up offers water-saving solution to all UK water companies

Slingshot Simulations, Leeds-based simulation start-up and tech company based in the Nexus Building, have offered a ground-breaking solution to water companies in the UK. In the face of drought announcements and hosepipe bans, the CEO of Slingshot Simulations, David McKee, has personally written to water companies to offer a technical solution. After the driest July […]

Digital Twin Consortium pursues open source collaboration

We’re excited to be supporting the Open Source initiative at the Digital Twin Consortium with the vision to tackle a core challenge of the current state-of-the-art being the lack of ability to collaborate and integrate across vendors. There is no multi-vendor open standard for a digital twin that can be used by third parties, and […]

Digital Thread and the Digital Twin

Where does the digital thread start within the digital twin? Our CEO David joins John Turner from Gafcon, Inc. for a Digital Twin Consortium point counter-point debate: As part of the Digital Twin Consortium’s Point Counterpoint video series, Slingshot’s CEO, CTO & Founder Dr David McKee goes head to head with John Tuner, VP of Innovative Solutions at Gafcon to discuss at what […]

How Secure is your Digital Twin?

Gartner predicts that by 2025, billions of things will be represented by digital twins .[1] And, by 2021, half of large industrial companies will use digital twins, which could result in an increase in their effectiveness of up to 10%.[2] But digital twins are still an emerging technology and rely on vast amounts of data. How […]