We’re Donating Server Time to COVID-19

Slingshot simulations has started donating its compute power to Rosetta@Home to help in the fight against COVID-19 and is now in the Top 5% of contributors.

About Boinc on Kubernetes – Helping Fight COVID-19

Boinc is a program that is used to donate cpu cycles for charitable purposes. It is put into a Docker container, and multiple copies of these containers are deployed on a Kubernetes cluster. The main files are the docker container that wraps up boinc and the bonic.yaml file that deploys the workers onto the kubernetes cluster.

If you’ve a spare computer, why not join us!

If your company has it’s very own Kubernetes cluster like ours, then we’ve provided our very own configuration files, so donating time on your cluster is as easy as one click:

More Slingshot vs. COVID-19

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