Dark Data – what is it… and should we be scared?

What is Dark Data? Dark Data is the data, held by organisations and individuals, which is not used to derive insights or lead decision making.  Gartner defines this in a similar way, “information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes”.  An everyday example of this, on […]

Leeds-based simulation start-up offers water-saving solution to all UK water companies

Slingshot Simulations, Leeds-based simulation start-up and tech company based in the Nexus Building, have offered a ground-breaking solution to water companies in the UK. In the face of drought announcements and hosepipe bans, the CEO of Slingshot Simulations, David McKee, has personally written to water companies to offer a technical solution. After the driest July […]

Women in Tech- An interview with our Head of Product

A new female-focused series… At Slingshot Simulations, we are proud to continually prioritise inclusivity and diversity, demonstrated through a 50:50 gender split across our company. However, this is far from the norm within the technology industry. Considering software development in particular, there is a widely known, but huge, predominance of male employees in the profession; […]

Best industry showcase CDT: Team wins award at the Innovation Geospatial Festival

The team from Slingshot Simulations attended Nottingham’s Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) event this May and were awarded the winners of the best industry showcase CDT. The Slingshot team at the event: left to right, Megan Johnson, Anna Goldson, Alex Trout. What is the CDT and what do they do? The CDT is a collaborative […]

Fast data: exploring the benefits of automated and real-time analytics

In order to compete in an increasingly data-rich landscape, businesses are investing significantly in automated and real-time data analytics. By retiring time-consuming and error-prone manual data processing methods, analytic process automation is enabling enterprises to achieve and maintain data management scalability. Real-time analytics tools are then providing businesses in fast-moving industries with a further competitive […]

How AR/VR and Digital Twins Will Be Key to Bringing the Enterprise Metaverse to Life

Everyone’s talking about the metaverse – a future in which our physical and digital worlds merge, in fully immersive virtual reality. Many have not yet crossed over into the world of virtual reality (VR), its sister tech, augmented reality (AR), or taken a virtual step in the metaverse, but that may soon change. Organisations around […]

Our CEO discusses the recently established Oxford University Digital Twin Course with Ajit Jaokar

Our expert-  Ajit Jaokar is a Principal Data Scientist, the course director of Artificial Intelligence Cloud and Edge Implementations and conductor of the University of Oxford courses: AI for Cybersecurity and Computer Vision. He is also the founder of Feynlabs, creating expert AI based prototypes and specialising in digital twin technology.   Digital twins in education: the vision-  The idea behind the course at Oxford University centres around the idea of digital twins, a concept which […]

Digital Twins for Beginners

What is a Digital Twin? Initially I wanted to say a Digital Twin is a digital version of anything I can see around me, but after reading our Digital Twin series, I do not believe that definition does a Digital Twin justice. The word “version” implies that a Digital Twin is static and captures a […]