How Digital Twins can help save natural environments

Climate change is impacting our planet, leading to a serious loss of biodiversity and causing more extreme weather conditions. With these trends accelerating, it’s our responsibility to seek out new, innovative sustainable technologies to protect our natural environments – and do so quickly. At Slingshot Simulations, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve […]

Why A New Approach to Geospatial Data Is Needed Post-Pandemic

Also referred to as “spatial data”, geospatial data is the term used to describe any type of data with a geographic component. From mapping and navigation to fast food delivery, the development of geographic information science has benefitted a diverse range of organisations around the world and geospatial data is fast becoming one of the […]

The Rainforest Trust And Slingshot Simulations Users Saved 121 Acres Of Rainforest In 3 Days

Slingshot Simulations announced a partnership with the Rainforest Trust on a new sustainability initiative at this month’s Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) in Barcelona – with immediate results. The Slingshot Simulations team, from left to right: Pete Mills, Anna Goldson, Joe Leach, Megan Johnson, David McKee and Robert Harwood Slingshot Simulations, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) […]

How can geospatial technology benefit your dissertation?

Geospatial technologies are tools which allow users to geographically map and analyse locational data. This data is typically gathered from sources such as: census resources, satellite imagery, weather data, drawn images and social media, among others. In order to fully incentivise and utilise collected data for academic work, it is key to ensure that the data is presented in a beneficial clear way, shared, analysed, and combined with relevant contexts and sources. But how can geospatial […]

Slingshot Simulations have been chosen as a Rising Stars Yorkshire Regional Winner

Slingshot Simulations have been chosen as a Rising Stars 4.0 Yorkshire Regional Winner. They have been awarded as one of the top five early-stage scale-ups of the Yorkshire region and are through to the next stage of the competition. David McKee, CEO of Slingshot Simulations said, “We are fortunate to be surrounded by a thriving […]

Press Release: Government Invests in UK’s Largest Digital Twin Platform

Leeds-based start-up to deliver one of the world’s largest digital twin projects A government-backed project led by a Leeds-based start-up will make Yorkshire and Humber a global pioneer in the field of smart cities. The project, announced yesterday by the Cabinet Office, will allow Slingshot Simulations to use its ‘digital twin’ technology to improve the […]

Speed Build: White House Digital Twin

Whilst we’re all waiting for the final result of the US Election we decided to give our new Digital Twin SaaS platform a whirl. 18 minutes later a 3D model of the whitehouse was done. Take a look below…

The Role of Simulation in Decision Making

Last Week The last couple of articles in our Digital Twins Series have looked at the role of Digital Twins & Decision-Making for the benefit of our communities; whether that be as a virtual testbed for urban development or a Digital Platform for combining multiple data sources from all across a city. Part 1 and […]

Personal Digital Twins: Microscopic Simulation at the Individual Level

Last Week… We looked at Humancentric Digital Twins from the perspective of Virtual Reality. We saw how humans, are not only affected by, but can have an active say in the end product This week… We are focusing in from Digital Twins informed by humans to Digital Twins about Humans in the spaces they live […]