Slingshot Spotlight: New Team Members

Over the past couple of months we have welcomed 5 new all-stars to the Slingshot Family!

Meet Fatima, Jamie, Eva, Pete and Anna:

Fatima – Junior Software Developer

Fatima joined Slingshot after completing the Futureproof Coding Bootcamp. Before this Fatima graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Leicester.

In her spare time, Fatima loves bike riding, exploring new avenues and rollerskating!

Jamie – Junior Software Developer

Jamie’s love for software development has come about from his BSc in Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow, during which his favourite project involved creating a simulation of the solar system and simulating different extinction events. From this he went on to do MSc in Software Development and has joined Slingshot fresh from there.

When he’s not working Jamie loves listening to and playing music, learning languages and travelling as well as playing computer games.

Eva – Junior QA & Security Engineer

Eva was on track to join us as a software engineer until she expressed her interest in cryptography and so joined us our QA & Security Engineer. With mathematics being a passion from a young age, Eva went on to attain a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Heriot-Watt University. After her undergraduate studies she decided to expand her knowledge in algorithmic thinking and coding by attaining a Masters in Mathematical Engineering. During her masters, Eva came across the field of cryptography, and it was this interest in the use of novel mathematical techniques and the establishment of ethics in data processing in the recent the digital era is what led her to Slingshot.

In her spare time, Eva enjoys watching movies, listening to music and reading books as well as hiking and trying exceptional food. She also has a passion for driving whether it be in crowded cities or a longer roadtrip.

Pete – Business Development Director

Pete has been involved with technology and digital start-ups since 2004 following an early placement as an industrial graduate with IBM. He went on to raise his first investment for an e-commerce business with a team that included the former CEO of Thomas Cook, back in 2006 as the age of 23. 

When not working Pete enjoys spending time with his family which includes a very spoilt spaniel and three Norwegian forest cats! He is also a conservation circle member of the Rainforest Trust where he can contribute to supporting the work of amazing people preserving rainforests around the world. 

Anna – XR/3D Content Creator Intern

Anna joined us at the beginning of December. She is currently a final year Art and Design student at the University of Leeds, with a direct interest in immersive technologies in creative practice. Coming from a fine art background Anna has forever been frustrated with the lack of technology-based learning for students like herself, which led her to become co-founder and President of Leeds Extended Reality Society, which strives to connect students, academics and industry together to collaborate and shape XR technology!

Anna is an avid Beat Saber VR gamer and has reached Expert+ (having taken 100 hours to get there…) She also loves running and collecting stickers for her laptop which she spends her time immersing herself in the world of Christopher Nolan’s filmography. She enjoys hoarding postcards, houseplants and candles that soften up her shared student house.

“We are really excited to be joined by this group of individuals who have already proven in just a couple of months that they are a perfect fit for the ever-growing Slingshot family. With our SaaS launch approaching fast, they have arrived at the right time to lend their unique backgrounds, skills and ideas to not only the product but towards solid R&D that will take us to another level of innovation

Dr David McKee, CEO, CTO, Founder