SatSense joins Yorkshire Geospatial Twin Project

We are excited to welcome SatSense onto the Yorkshire Geospatial Twin project, which is looking to demonstrate the world’s largest digital twin project across the 12,000 square miles of Yorkshire and the cities of Leeds, York and Hull.

SatSense provide innovative ground movement analytics derived from satellite radar, which can be presented in the Slingshot platform. This has potential to revolutionise how we monitor, anticipate and mitigate the risks of infrastructure damage which can result in significant cost savings for cities. 

“We’re really excited to see how our ground movement insights can be visualised in the Slingshot platform and augmented with additional data from their Digital Twin”, says Matthew Bray, CEO at SatSense.

Will Schaffer, Investment Manager at Mercia, who have invested in both Slingshot and SatSense says “Both SatSense and Slingshot are excellent examples of solutions democratising capabilities that have traditionally been economically out reach for most and the exclusive territory of large multinationals and advanced research institutions. It’s wonderful to have two NPIF (Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund) portfolio companies working together on such an interesting project and representing the advancements coming out of the region.”