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Slingshot Simulations Ltd and aSTEAM village team up to improve the digital literacy of the next generation

Slingshot Simulations Ltd is pleased to announce that we have teamed with aSTEAM Village to help support their mission of digitalisation, inspiring the next generation of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) students.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, aSTEAM Village is an organization that focuses on engaging students, families, and educators in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) pathways to facilitate career and education readiness for participation in the 21st Century economy of today and tomorrow.

With the rapid growth in available data, the pervasive use of software and analytics and the mainstream adoption of cutting-edge solutions like machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation and digital twins across all industry sectors, initiatives like those led by aSTEAM Village are critical to ensure that students are not left behind in the digital revolution.

Democratising the use of advanced analytics by removing the complexity of use and cost barriers to entry is at the heart of Slingshot Simulation’s purpose to enable anyone anywhere to unleash the power of data science.

Engineer conducting a virtual GIS lesson
Slingshot Simulation's Application Engineer, Alexander Trout, conducting a virtual lesson.
“There is a clear alignment between the mission of aSTEAM Village and the purpose and core values of Slingshot Simulations. We look forward to supporting their efforts to ensure that underserved communities get access to the training and tools they need to develop the skills that will enable them to participate in the digital revolution and all the future opportunities that represents.”
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Dr. David McKee
Founder, CEO and CTO at Slingshot Simulations
“We are excited and humbled that Slingshot Simulations agreed to partner with aSTEAM Village on the Digital KC Now initiative. Their willingness to allow our RedTail Digital Engineering Alliance students access to the Slingshot Simulation platform and engineers will empower our students to learn while they provide digital transformative solutions and services to the residents, businesses and communities in the 3rd Council District of Kansas City, Missouri.”
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William Wells
aSTEAM Village Founder

As part of the collaboration, Slingshot Simulations will provide no cost access to our core decision intelligence platform Compass: Engine for all enrolled students, live training, and webinars on geospatial analysis with our experts as part of the Virtual Community Action Planning (VCAP) curriculum and also sit on student project review panels.

About Slingshot Simulations, Ltd

Slingshot Simulations was founded in 2019 with a mission to deliver actionable insights from cutting edge data science that positively impact the biggest challenges we face today: Climate change; sustainability; resource management, public health and more. We are a thought leader and industry pioneer, participating in global and national organizations such as the Digital Twin Consortium and Centre for Digital Built Britain. Built on a foundation of more than a decade of research and a century of combined data science expertise we do this using our Software-as-a-Service decision intelligence platform that enables our customers to rapidly integrate and visualize vast data sets, including in a spatial context, analyse these data holistically and simulate scenarios to predict outcomes. This enables better, more informed decision making, higher levels of stakeholder engagement and improved outcomes for all. With unique IP, being intuitive and easy to use with high levels of automation combined with a low cost of entry, our “no-code” approach breaks down the barriers to adoption and helps companies accelerate their digital transformation and deliver transformative growth. Learn more at

About aSTEAM Village

aSTEAM Village is a 501(c)3 organisation that focuses on engaging students, families, and educators in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) pathways to facilitate career and education readiness for participation in the 21st Century economy of today and tomorrow. Learn more at

About Digital KC Now

Digital KC Now is a 3rd District broadband infrastructure and digital equity initiative that brings broadband internet access and the educational support needed to utilize the internet and its resources to neighbourhoods while building a community of knowledge workers. Learn more at

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Megan Johnson

Digital Marketing Lead

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