Move In Day

Slingshot simulations started life inside the School of Computing at the University of Leeds, the brainchild of our CTO David Mckee. After month’s of preparation today we’re finally moving into our brand new office in the new Nexus Building.

The Start of Move in Week

The story of our move begins a few days before on Monday 2nd September 2019 when we started packing ready to move to our new office on Wednesday. Once all this was done, we were able to walk the route to our new office making sure there were no nasty bumps in the road whilst wheeling our compute cluster down the road.

The Day Before the Move

On Tuesday morning the team met for coffee and discussed what still needed to be done, whilst anticipating the great move in day on Wednesday. In the afternoon we got the keys to the new office and moved the desks around in anticipation of the big move in the morning.

The Big Move

The goodbye to our old office started early on Wednesday, whilst David was already working hard presenting our vision to delegates of the Leeds Leeds Inclusive Growth Strategy workshop visiting the Nexus building and establishing important connections to make our company’s vision grow.

We piled all our books into two trolleys and took them the short distance to our new home in the Nexus building, taking a route through the University of Leeds physics lab and into the lift on the other side. It should be explained at this point the EC stoner building which has been our home for many years in the School of Computing is a little bit of a maze/rabbit warren so the move to brand new office has been a stunning change in scenery. We then moved the server box into the new office after carefully walking it through our pre-planned route.

We then unpacked and got the office ready for the beginning of our next important steps to providing Simulation as a Service, and the steps we are making towards a new world of the Internet of Simulation.

Finally we’d like to thank the Nexus team for the welcome box, the biscuits were delicious.

An image of the office after having just moved in.
Our new office after completing the move