3 Minutes with our Intern: Working at Slingshot Simulations

Does Quantum Optics and Simulation go together?

Jake Southall is a 3rd year PhD student, specialising in quantum optics and has just finished his 3 month stint at Slingshot Simulations. From combating code to playing pool, Jake reflects on his time with us…

Before we start, what is quantum optics?

This is the study of light but at the very small scale where we can find and apply lot’s of interesting effects that we cannot do on the macro scale.

1. What was the most challenging part working at Slingshot?

For me the hardest bit was coming into an area that was very unfamiliar to me, in particular my little experience in coding meant that it was a challenge at first to get up to speed with it. However, through perseverance and help from the rest of the team I soon got to grips with it. 

2. What did you learn from us?

My biggest learning experience was getting a hands-on insight into how a startup company is ran on a day to day basis, whether this be taking part in meetings or talking to members of the slingshot team about their various roles within the company. Additionally, having the opportunity to learn how to code from the experts in the business was something that was very useful to me.

3. What did you enjoy most?

Throughout my whole time at slingshot I felt very welcome and part of the team. For me this helped to create a great learning environment and also one where I could apply myself. I also enjoyed how work throughout the office was very collaborative and that ideas were often discussed and developed over a game of pool.



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