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About Us

Slingshot Simulations, a digital twin company, was founded in 2019 with a mission to deliver insights from cutting-edge data science

Our technology allows us to positively impact the biggest challenges faced today: climate change; sustainability; resource management, public health, and more.  

We’ve worked with sustainable conservation organisations such as the Rainforest Trust to optimise their data and simulate outcomes.

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Three female coders from a digital twin company working together around a computer.
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A female employee of Slingshot Simulations wearing a VR headset and pointing at a screen displaying 3D renders.

We are a thought leader and industry pioneer within digital twin company circles, participating in global and national organisations such as the Digital Twin Consortium and Centre for Digital Built Britain.  

Follow our LinkedIn for further updates and opportunities from us. We’re constantly posting student and young professional opportunities and well as tech updates and capabilities of our digital twin and decision intelligence platform.

Our highly diverse team brings together a wide range of backgrounds and domain expertise.

The wide spanning backgrounds of the team (environmental science, journalism, neuroscience, art and design) allows us to build a variety of creative perspectives alongside computer science and data management expertise.

This all enables us to deliver a unique perspective on the solutions we develop. Find out more about the team here.

A female Slingshot Simulations employee holding a VR headset and standing in front of a TV screen displaying 3D renders.
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